Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In Naga City Science High School ICT is a subject  that we are required to learn. In my freshmen year we made our own blog, we are introduced to how we can improve our blog sites. Moreover, we learned how blogs can reach out to people because it is like an online diary. It is personalize and you can put designs and other gadgets unto it.

In our Second Year we did Accounting. Accounting was fun and challenging at the same time. It was interesting to see how money is circulated throughout the business. We also did business, our group sold Donuts as a re seller business type. We made use of ledgers to track down our income, expenses and others. We were like entrepreneurs at that time. We learned that we have to deal with money carefully. 

I actually got confused with what I wanted to do on my Junior year when it came to the TLE subject. We are given two choices ---- Attend the Spanish Class or the TLE Class. I really like to learn language at that time. So, I decided to take Spanish instead of the TLE Class where my classmates learned to cook. I had fun during my Spanish Class year, I can say.

After a year in Spanish Class, I realized I wasn't good at learning language. Personally, I came to Philippines without knowing a Filipino or Bicolano word because I was born and raised abroad. I learned Bicol and Filipino because of the people that surrounds me who uses the language every single day. In connection with this I came to notice that I learned language through everyday use. And, another thing I realized I can't cope up with my Spanish Lessons, I decided to leave Spanish Class.

It was exciting to learn programming in my last year of TLE Class. We are taught initially on what our class will be. We started knowing what a flowchart is, a pseudocode and the BASIC Programming.  I learned to be patient and to be a good analyst especially when it comes to the problems. 

In this quarter, I also learned the "Entrepreneurial Ways" such as their strategies, their outlook on life and how they can be a successful one. 

I am hoping to have a better view on our ICT Class this year so that I can make my own program to help people through Technology.



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